Sunday, May 8, 2011

What is IML?

I think this is typically what people think of when they think of IML:

'Pecs and personality' competition

A bunch of handsome studly men in leather vying for a title. Also, some might think of this:

IML Chicago 2010 (194)

The Marketplace, as a place to try on new gear, find what one wants to buy and really get a good piece of gear to play with or in. Some people may like to think of IML as this:

A sex party (pictured here is a scene from last year's CODE IML. I don't think there's one this year though. I imagine one can continue to check their website for details). But in reality for most people I know, and I know this is true for me, I think of IML as this:

Gearblast IML 2010-20

(Picture from the one of the awesomest kinksters around, Reddy, of Gearblast 2010)

A ton of kinky people, coming together, socializing and having a good time around people of like mind. This is seriously the main part of the event. And this is what makes it worthwhile. The friendships made at these events run deeply, and I think this is really what makes IML and other events. If this is your first event this month, don't forget that it's about the people, not the sex, not the hot men in the contest, not the hottest gear, not the most intense experiences, but the connections fostered with the other people. That's what these events are for, in my opinion at least.

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  1. nice I am excited for IML. This is the first time my boy and I are going. maybe we'll see you there