Monday, November 14, 2011

"Making Love"

Some people love this phrase, others abhor it. I really like it because it separates a type of sex that is very specific. Do I think you have to be in a committed relationship to "make love"? Not a chance. Making love refers to a very specific type of sex:

Imagine you with another person, very close, looking in each other eyes, making out holding each other in your embraces. With every element of desire and care for one another, dedicating yourselves to each other for at least this wonderful night. Ze or you penetrate you or ze, respectively. You're having sex and you are whisked away into the other persons eyes. You can't think of anything else than how you feel for the other person, the world passes by without your care or notice, just a love for where you are, and who you are with at this point. You feel romance and intimacy, you feel that ze cares for you. You care for zir.

This is what is rolling through your head, but even if you haven't met zir until today, you can still obtain this. But why is that even true? It's because this feeling is what most kinksters are prone to constantly think about: Headspace.

The framework of "Making love" is the most basic, most vanilla type of sexual headspace. The reason vanilla people have a tendency for passion in this way is that they have no experience in finding other headspace and find it to be what they really yearn for. Kinksters find themselves with another aspiration in headspace, a headspace that is more twisted, more power-structure driven, or more "taboo" or perverse.

So let's stop making fun of the vanilla people that are just enjoying "Making love." They're just like us, but with their own headspace, and don't know about the other great headspaces one can obtain. We just need to give them some education.

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