Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why? - Double Duty Gags.

I am going to start a weekly post now about "Why?" This is a question I get a lot as I come out to friends as kinky. They ask why I like certain things. The most obvious reason that I find perfectly valid to give is "because it gets me hard, and I enjoy it." We, as kinksters, need no other reason, but I feel it really helps to give a good logical reason of why it gets us hard, and convinces people that kink is not just paraphilia in the DSM-IV, but really actually fun for all!

I'll start this with a piece that I have recently be ogling over the pictures of:

The Double Duty Gag at Mr. S Leather. First off, the gag is a wonderful piece of gear. It's pretty obvious why it's used: first off, the sub loses his ability to speak or voice their opinions losing say of what is going on. Secondly, he is forced to keep his mouth in a somewhat uncomfortable position for an extended period of time, leaving him wanting to do what SIR wants him to do so as to not get punished further. Thirdly, it definitely looks hot! But some great things are missed by these reasons that I quite enjoy.

For me, one of the best parts of a gag is that if it's in long enough, one starts to have a strand of drool come out of their mouth. While shirtless and standing, one feels this strand slowly trickle down their body, and it's a very sensual part of the gag.

Now, the double duty gag, I think highlights all these things, but adds a very new aspect of the gag. With two people gagged tightly next to one another you get this new level of closeness. You can't not look into the eyes of the guy you're bound to, hopeless wanting to kiss the victim, but indefinitely unable to. The sexual tension just builds. In effect, the gag can be used to amplify your desire for the guy you're tied to, and I don't think anyone vanilla would disagree that becoming more and more into your other partner is a good thing. I feel as austere and cold as this gear piece might be, it's something that vanilla people can understand.

Then again, on the other hand, the Dom side of me is squealing for the chance to put two straight guys with humiliation fetishes in this thing together. :-)

Until next time. I wish you...

Gags, GOM and Gungeplay,

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