Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a boy wants...

I think around twice a week I get a message on some kink site that has a body like this

"looking for a dad?"

While I totally understand that some people are looking for this, many others are not, so I simply reply with a "Nope. Good luck!" While I am predominantly submissive, I feel outside of the bedroom, I want to bring as much if not more to the table to a relationship. I like winning bread, if you will. As I understand it doesn't hurt to ask if someone is looking for a dad, but usually one of the two a week counters and ups the ante with some form of monetary or otherwise proposition, not taking the gentle brush off well: "i could give u anything your heart desires" or "I can take care of you as well as you can imagine" something along those lines. I usually respond with something along "I have plenty of intangibles I need, so I don't think that's true", and usually I get one a month that goes the extra mile and says "Oh but that's what I'm best at!"

This is when I say "get me an offer of professorship at Northwestern and then we'll talk."

The majority of kinksters, I believe, do not live their lives solely surrounding their kinks. Sexuality, freedom of physical expression, liberation from norms, and physical satisfaction are all very important parts of each person's life, but it doesn't define exactly who each one of us is. One of my kinkier friends today said his happiness is what he sees when he closes his eyes and what he sees: biking, watersports (not the kink kind) and general fun outdoor activities.

But it is a part of us. There's something romantic about having your Sir tuck you in at night with a kiss and a simultaneous 'click' of the padlock. It's just how we say "I care for you" in a different tongue. Kink adds a new vocabulary of body language and a new level of conversation between people, but it isn't all of our lives.

A boy can be completely independent in his day-to-day life, and this is one of the reasons I do not want to identify as a slave. What I want is a Sir that can really stand on his two feet and treat me as an equal when it's time for that, but also knows when I need to do my duty for him.

So, for all you Daddy's that don't respect or understand boys' worldwide wishes I say:

Flip off. And for all you Sir's and Dad's that respect our aspirations and want to befriend us and be around us while we achieve them I say:

Woof! Let's play.

Until next time, I wish you

Pup, Piss and Punch Play,

PS Photos due to/of my good rubber pig friend, rubbaboy.

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