Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why? - CB 6000

Chastity. Isn't sex about the orgasm? This seems like it really would just a hindrance. Well, at one point in my life, I thought this exact thought... but then I started to think about chastity and put one of these things on for a test drive.

The CB-6000. Kink sex is not about the orgasm, it's about what you want to make it about, whichever kink turns you and your partner(s) on. For the people that are already into chastity itself and being locked up you already enjoy this. I'm going to focus on speaking here to the people that are into other things, and how chastity can amplify the things other people are into.

Chastity devices like the CB - 6000 can be used by a Dom to assert control of the most innermost parts of the subs life for long term, namely his orgasm. Also, each time the sub starts to become hard, the cage constrains the cock and quells any hope for an erection, while becoming uncomfortable for the sub. So, the sub is constantly reminded that his cock is controlled by his Dom--that it is owned. The sub becomes more subservient over time knowing that by serving SIR is the only way he will get to cum.

One thing that I find really interesting about the CB-6000 is the idea of being in it while fucking. When one is anally stimulated, prostate stimulation is much more intense when one does not have the ability to touch their cock. The intensity is extended. One can keep their sub not bound but in a CB-6000, and he still has the inability to touch themselves before you want them to, let alone cum.

The sub doesn't even get to feel his cock brush around in his pants, and hence when it gets taken out of the cage, it will become much more sensitive. Also, the buildup will make it even more intense when he finally cums. This makes edging and milking even more intense, and the sub even more desperate to cum, the longer the device is on. One can get the sub to get bound, take the cage off, and do what one wants, put it back on, and then untie the sub.

This last part is a good scenario for a Dom/sub relation where the sub enjoys forced milking and edging. If they are in a fwb relation, the Dom keeps the sub locked up, and the sub comes over once a week to get tied up, edged for a while, come a couple of times, or three, or four... or not at all, and then gets locked up when the Dom is done. Bye! See you next week, same time same place.

I have also heard of a humiliation scenario where a straight boy was humiliated by having a gay boy have him locked up and control everything.

One issue I have found though about this device is that almost everyone that gets into one gets excited when you start to put it on. This makes you have to wait for yourself to get flaccid before putting the cage on, so I suggest putting the ring on first, waiting... and then when the cock isn't expecting it, put the cage on and lock quickly. Also be sure to lube the cock when you put the cage on it. It's also crucial to get the right ring or else the contraption will really make the balls uncomfortable, and intolerable for long play. Another great way to get past the hard-on-while-caging point is once you get into a routine, you can just milk the sub until he can't even get hard anymore, and then put the cage on at your leisure!

I think that's it for this week's "Why?". Leave a comment if you have any other great suggestions or curiosities about this device.

Until then, I wish you

Cum control, Collars, and Clothespins,