Monday, July 12, 2010


When I first tried electro this spring, it was pretty terrible. I was in excruciating pain and the Dom was just shouting at me that I was just whining. Well, this weekend I got a great electro experience for the first time. After having some drinks with a friend in West Philly, I got some texts from one of my hot friends saying he was staying in downtown Philly for the night and would like to hang out at the Bike Stop. So I run down to the Stop, go to the Pit, and then meet up with my friend. I talk him for a bit and then talk to the GM Shawn that I absolutely adore, for a good straight...ish man. He's a good kinkster.

So my friend and I go over to his place to play, he gets into his rubber surfsuit and then starts edging me. I start to feel my hole tingling and ask if he has hole toys we could play with. After looking at his inventory, he had a fully sterilized Electro Butt-Plug (he had the medium). I looked at it with two emotions, excitement as I've played with this style of plug before, and also worry due to my previous experience. But he said we could go slow and see what happens and could always turn it off. I definitely suggest doing electro with someone that gives you some control on what goes on for the first time if not the first few times now, and especially with someone that definitely has used it tons on themselves.

He used the plug with the E-232 Power Box. We kept it on "thrust" for the entire session as it was his favorite and I wanted to keep it simple for the first time. We mainly focused on playing with intensity and the time lapse between shocks. The Key : Electro Gel. This really helps curb any pain from the shocks and make it just purely an intense experience. We started slowly and saw how I reacted to it, and built up slowly. The first time, the Sir took me to around 10 or 11 o'clock on the same power box with the Electric Bands (one around the head of my cock, the other around my cock and balls) and once the gel ran out it was just the end of any enjoyment and I just was wincing in pure agony, with no work up to the level I was at and just flatly in intolerable pain and had no understanding of electro-pleasure.

With my friend this weekend, he got me to 12 o'clock with the plug, and I was moaning with delight, and with a minor conversation on my headspace, we moved up to 1o'clock, and he edged me slowly, milking every second. I writhed in delight and pleasure-torture. The shock really focuses on your prostate and contracts everything inside you and gets more intense the more you clench your hole. So this means, the more you're edged and close, the more intensely you feel the shock, and when he stops edging, you feel less and the cock can recover and not get closer to cumming. This boy really knew how to take me to the edge and deny me. It drove me insanely happy. When I finally came, it was extremely rewarding.

So, a few observations for the first time for people in electro: Yes, having electro in your hole might be scarier, but choose that over the cock torture for your first time. Definitely make sure you have a healthy dialogue, and you probably want it to be on equal footing, even if you're tied up for the first time, so that you can say "it's too much" and he'll put it down instead of just scream "suck it up." There's plenty more life with electro to live for him to start Domming your balls off later, make the first time very comfortable and make sure you enjoy it, you do not need to start from the max.

I now cannot wait for my next electro experience. And no, electro pictures and videos do not give the experience any justice. You have to try it yourself in your own headspace and journey to really understand what it does. It's extremely unique, and beautiful in this regard.

Until next time, I wish you...

E-stim, Enemas, and Exhibitionism,

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