Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ladder

Two weekends ago, I went to a gear weekend with some fellow gearheads and kinksters. We rented out a cabin, chalet and former bed and breakfast in Western Pennsylvania to have complete privacy to do what we felt. It was a lot of fun. I only knew about five of the guys at the beginning and then I met the rest and really got along with them all. There's usually a connection that's immediately found between two people that have kink inclinations, and that really makes closeness come more naturally. Despite the open and clear motives that such a weekend entails, I still find it somewhat difficult to initiate things, but I got a sufficient amount of play done. This post will entail the most powerful scene that I had that weekend. I am not going to stylize the encounter to sound hot, but tell it as best my memory can. I find the realness of what happens in a scene much more important.

Well, we'll start by setting where the connection laid. reddywhp and I met Friday night when he came while everyone was relaxing at the end of the night somewhat tipsy. He was in work clothes, not my style, so I really didn't pay much attention except for that he was a geniunely nice guy. (I was, at that point, sitting to another guy that currently had my attention) At breakfast the next day I see him and we start horsing around a bit and he just starts to crush my nipples while we're next to each other on the couch. I start to see our chemistry. He's a bigger guy, which makes it nice to be held close. He is strong, so I can try to resist, but it frankly won't last in the long run. This is nice. At any rate, we start to make out and really explore each other, and I get on top and try to get to his cock, as a curiosity of what's there more than anything else. I try to put my hand down his pants to his chuckling "it'll take more than that." He had a wrestling singlet on under his polo and cargo shorts. I take the polo off and he has beautiful hair.

(Aforementioned singlet on aforementioned reddywhp, from his flickr)

I play with that a bit as we chat, talk about what both of us like, chat about limits, and learn more about each other both kinkwise and platonically. I move the singlet down and slowly move to take the cargo shorts and singlet both down, and what do I find:

A CB-2000 with 6000 rings, with a 2-gauge captive segment ring PA (and yes, that is the penis I am talking about). I'm immediately excited, as I toy with him, playing with the PA, and he moans in delight. He starts dripping after being in it for a respectable four days. We continue to fluctuate from talking and making out, while others plan the day. We then join the crowd as we go to see one of the "wineries" in Western Pennsylvania. I learn more about the crowd as well as him throughout the trip. He's well-experienced, and prefers to bottom, but is a "top by default" a lot of the time.

We get back from the winery and decide to play. I put my (newly patched) catsuit on and boots, and then we decide to go to the back cabin for some privacy. We walk up there, and chat about what we're going to do. He asks what my limits are and I go off talking about all the things that I'm not willing to try at this point (he had alluded to doing play piercing in the car) as well as the unsafe things. He calmly said "I plan on using rope and any pain will be inflicted via my hands. That good?" I nodded, and ask, "Do we need a safe word, or what you want to do"? He claims, "safe words have places, but they're sometimes crutches. Let's stick with 'No' and 'Stop' for now. If I hear either of those I'll stop and check in with you." He continued, "The purpose is to have fun, and for you to play with me again. Deal?" I agreed, pleased, and we continued our walk in the blazing sun, the black rubber on my arms soaking in the sun and making my flesh feel singed.

We get up to the cabin--locked, but we break in to our own cabin via a credit card (such great security, we joked). And he sits me down as we take off the street clothes I had on. He gets down to his singlet and then goes to get his rope. He had yellow rope that was organized into different lengths. He started by restraining my arms behind me and this was a bit uncomfortable. He takes a break to unzip the front of my catsuit to expose my cock and balls. Proceeding, he started with another length of rope to then to start a body harness and then tied it from my head down to my cock and balls, anchoring it behind my back. He then asked me how it felt. He saw hesitation when I mentioned, "well I can't move," and asked "what's wrong?" I felt numbness in my left index finger. He said it was an aggressive try and untied the arm binders. He wanted me to be comfortable, and wanted something that could last. We joked a bit about something that might be necessary "what's the word...starts with a 'c'... ah yes, Circulation"!

We can't retie in the same pose without making my arm go numb, so we move to the ladder of the loft in the cabin. We have a bit of trouble to find the right hand restraints until he nonchalantly makes ad-hoc wrist restraints out of the rope with ease, tantamount to leather or rubber wrist restraints. I compliment him on his repertoire, and he smiles. He then tethers my arms to the ladder, and then stops. He looks me in the eyes and asks "Will you be okay with a collar? I will make it like the wrist restraints so that it won't slip." I keep eye contact and say, "Yes." I trusted him. Fully. He unravels a new length around my neck three times, starts to finish the tie, and then tethers it to a rung of the ladder. I pull forward with my neck, and it slips and I lose a bit of circulation and calmly say, "uh... it's slipping." He replies, "Um, I see that! I obviously tied it wrong." He then releases me from the collar and retries, and gets it on the second securing. He makes me chase his lips for a kiss, as I wrestle against the new restraint, and he coyly keeps out of reach as I yearn for his lips. He then obliges for a while as he moves his hands up and down my rubbery exterior. He then gets a yellow shoelace out, and ties it around my cock, and then continues to use another around my balls; it has a slip in it. It proceeds to start to pinch my scrotum, and I tell him, and he addresses it, saying "that's not exactly the trial I'm going for." He then ties the loose end to a rung where I have to crouch to maintain just moderate ball pain.

He steps back and asks, "Should I change into rubber?" I smile and nod, and he retires into his room to change, requesting me to yell if anything happens. I wriggle in the roped rubber and see no way to get out. I toy with the wrist restraints, unable to untie them in my current position. I'm stuck, writhing between keeping my knees somewhat bent to abate the ball pain, and bearing the brunt of the ball pain for some leg relief. He gets back in full transparent rubber with attached hood. The front is unzipped, with his CB-2000 protruding outward. I smile and we continue where we last left off. He takes a new length, further restraining me via attaching my boots to the bottom of the ladder. He then proceeds to secure his balls into the same slip with a third shoelace, and then unties my ball restraint to tie the loose ends of each of the ball tetherings together. We look at each other knowing whatever one of us feels, the other will too. He proceeds to kiss me and then step backwards, and as he moves back, my torso stretches to the furthest the rope would allow, to alleviate the inevitable stretch. My futile attempt does not work

He notices my futile attempt, and pulls back further, smiling. He holds it for a while, as we maintain an open-wire communication via our eyes. We see what one another is thinking, and we're connected, not just via our scrotums, but almost as one full body. I feel through him: his movements, his ideas, his actions, his body parts. He has me. We reverberate--as one of us moves, the other reacts. This intensity is maintained, only released when he comes in to kiss me. I can see the sweat accumulating in his rubber, and the way it interacts with his hair. But I am focused on three things: his kiss, our balls, and us. We continue this for a while, and then we start to talk again.

"How are you doing," he asks.
"Great. It's a bit tough," I laugh.
"Good. You want to do something else?"
"I'm not going to be any easier..."
"That's fine."
"I want to see what you can take."

... and that's enough for now. Until next time... I wish you:

ball stretching, buttplay and boys,

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