Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gear Review: KinkLab bitgag.

So, I'm starting to do some kink reviews for TLA Gay Adult Toys' Kink section, as they asked me because they knew I was one of the kinky fucks in Philadelphia, so I thought I'd put it down here as this is a good collection of all my kink-related activities. Here's the Kinklab Rubber Bit Gag (priced at 32.99 USD, which is pretty good) that they gave me to try out. I've always wanted a bit gag, so it was neat to play with. Plus I still have it. hehehe.

Sure this piece has a bit of a salesman vibe, but it happens, I really like the piece, but there's more to the review than "this is awesome." It's also used in a really hot scenes with Nick Moretti and Nomad as well as Zach Alexander and Christian Wilde on BoundGods, which was really fun when I saw these scenes and said "Hey! I know that gag!" These pics make it look less horsey than thought when I first got the gag.

Moretti and Nomad on BoundGods

Hi-ho silver! This piece from Kinklabs really has a truly good concept. Bit gags have many advantages when one compares them to ball gags. It keeps a face that is halfway between smiling and grimacing, and, lets be honest, your submissive bitch is smiling on the inside when he’s grimacing on the outside. Also, as the boy continues throughout the scene, the pervert will start to dribble saliva over the gag, humiliating him due to his slobbering. This is definitely a good drool gag for the people that are into it, and for me, that’s half the fun of gags. Moreover, a bit gag is perfect when it comes to fitting a sub, as the gag part is not too big for anyone, but will keep them plenty busy, depending on how tight you make it.

This bit gag has a hard but chewy rubber mouthpiece, so the sub can really bite into it when you deal out your punishment, and makes the gag not quite comfortable, but close enough that they can concentrate. He won’t forget it’s there, but he’ll be able to focus on what you want done.

Depending on the purpose of this gag, the gargantuan metal O-rings can be fun or ostentatious. If you want this gag to be about pony play, then the metal rings are perfect to hook the bridle in and get on it, Tonto! But if you’re looking for the gag to be just a way to stifle your slave boy’s moans of pain and pleasure, then the gargantuan rims on this gag may distract you. It’s some serious bling, which I found disconcerting, but this gag from a pragmatic standpoint is exceptional. The O-rings have grown on me more each time I buckle it onto my boy.

The lockable buckle in the back is a really great feature, since you can make your boy submit up to your whim and even if he’s not bound, he’s still stuck with it. Definitely perfect for a “if you really want to talk to me, you have to finish the scavenger hunt” type of game. You can even ride him around the house while he finds each clue! In the end, this piece is a good basic addition to the spicy collection of fun in anyone’s toy chest, but is better suited for the people that are starting to be into pony play.

Wilde and Alexander on BoundGods

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PS MAL was great. Post soon, I promise. Plus a lot of fun that has to do with Sparky and MDW, two of my fellow bloggers!

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