Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catsuit in public

So, last night I wore my full latex suit out to thePhiladelphians MC OUTFest party at The Bike Stop. Per usual, I was the only boy in rubber, at all, but I still had tons of fun but I really enjoy hanging out with the leather guys and they respect my fun in rubber, if not fully embrace it. It was kind of fun because I got five reactions from each person:

5. What the fuck is that made of?; Is that latex/rubber?; and Is that latex or rubber?

This I find highly amusing, since the gay leather community/kink community have never seen latex/rubber in person, so I have been almost single-handedly opening their eyes to it slowly. Everyone just keeps on saying they love it, but they just haven't seen it before.

The best of this was when the GM came up to me, touches my rubber and says, "wait, that was rubber right?" and I replied affirmatively. He immediately responds, "I got to go. I'm hospital allergic to latex. I'm gonna go wash my hands 7 times." And then later I just saw him and the smell of the rubber got to him so badly he had to go into a different room.... It was sad, but still kind of laughable throughout.

4. Is that the original catwoman suit? Meow!

I find this reaction hilarious. First off, I don't take myself seriously, so I'm not hurt or offended when someone starts bringing out the claws. Though they should expect me to return it. I find that the majority of people that make fun of the rubber are either self-conscious and wish they could have the freedom to actually wear something like it, or they just feel the need to have someone below them. Some of them though, like one of my friends, makes fun of it since he genuinely is into rubber and just likes to mess around joking about it himself.

3. Holy shit that's hot.

This I get a lot from people that are kinky and into leather, since they haven't been exposed to it and then they note what it is and then they finally get exposed to it. I let people touch my rubber in a bar because I want them to get actually get what it feels like and how they interact with it. I feel this is a way to make rubber a lot more accessible and humanizing and people start to understand it a lot more.

2. I'm going to go jerk off to you.

You get more creepsters. Some dude said this to me 10 times in one night. Once is enough. When you start repeating yourself, you're just making things awkward.

1. Thank you.

I went up to the 2nd floor, the short stop to hang out with one friend and his two lady friends a bit, and I got stopped by a nice asian boy on the way down and he said "Your rubber looks really good." And I said thanks and introduced myself. He then said "thanks." I was kinda taken aback by this, until he just said "I'm into rubber too, I just don't come out in it." There's gems of people like this strewn throughout this city, and seeing someone else. It's like when you see your first gay couple on the street when you're young and questioning and you know "I'm not alone."

It's hard to get people together, but I do this partly as a way to find out who is into it, introduce the curious, and open up the topic to discussion. The people that are worried no one else is into it in the city start to notice that many are, and will hopefully start to feel more comfortable wearing rubber out to the bars. Gear's coming back into style to wear to the Bike Stop in Philly, after a long hiatus, but it's only happening because people are starting to make it happen. This is how we're going to take our community back from the strictly online type of community it has become, and put it back into physicality.

But let's be honest, I also do it because I'm a pervy rubberboy that loves being in full coverage rubber, and I can always get the hot boy's phone number at the end of the night when I go out in rubber.

Until next time,

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