Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yesterday I had a session with my friend Neil, the erotic hypnotist. He’s a good-looking guy, typical New Yorker and it was a pleasure to meet him. I really knew why everyone I talked to before for references told me he was great. He is. So, I got on a bus from Philly to go up to New York City, and texted him I was on my way. I’m always a bit hesitant to go up to NYC in the winter, especially when snow is in the forecast but I kind of bit the bullet and went anyways, because I wanted to see what he could do hypnotically. Here's a (somewhat obfuscated) pic of the guy:

This wasn’t my first hypno rodeo. In August, I actually got a piece of hypno magic done to me by a wonderful pup in Chicago, and it raised more questions than it answered about hypno. I felt that he got me under, as I felt broken for just the second time of my life. I ended up crying as I started to go under. He had me barking like a dog, saying I’m a dog, etc. We threw another person in the mix, and while I really enjoyed that part of it, it felt like I lost my trance a bit when that occurred. I was excited to do it again, since I hadn’t had the opportunity to play with that hypnopup again.

So when I got up to NYC, I didn’t know what to expect, as Neil kind of kept it as a surprise. I liked this, but I also was kinda worried. Curious what he could get me to do. We met on a random corner in Chelsea, and walked to get lunch, we then chatted and got to know each other better. We hit it off since we both are mathematicians by training, and we could relate on this analytical base. After lunch we headed to his apartment, he gave me a tour and gave me a spiel about the science of hypnotism.
The ideas behind hypnotism scientifically are very interesting. I haven’t vetted what he said, so it might just be a mind trick to tell you that it’s 100% scientific, but either way, he assured me that what happened would be natural and that I should just go with whatever was most comfortable. He told me that hypnotic states are exactly how we put our mind into dealing with more than one thing at once. It’s different from both sleeping and waking mental states, making a third mental state. We apparently go into several hypnotic states a day, but we don’t know when we enter them.

After this, he kind of did a minor hypnotic trick with me when I stood up to get something, and then saw if I was susceptible. He called it a kind of party trick, but I was really ready to get down to seeing what happened. He started to put me under. I was relaxing for a good solid time and he gave me my first trigger. When he said the trigger word, I was to go back to sleep in a form of relaxation. When I awoke he immediately put me back under. I didn’t think it was working so I shook my head and then I just stopped fighting it and went under anyways. I feel like a lot of hypnosis is just letting your conscious mind roll back and letting your subconscious take hold and having someone dominate you via your subconscious.

He then got me deeper and deeper, I was to count back from 100 to 1, stopping when it didn’t matter anymore. I think I stopped around 68 after messing up quite a few times. When writing the alphabet in my head everything became jumbled. I was losing grasp of consciousness. He then gave me a sensory trigger, every time he touched my wrist, I’d feel an orgasm. He woke me up, we chatted a bit, he came closer to me, and I knew what was coming. He took a hold of me, and it really actually felt like I was coming. He did this quite a few times, and at the end, when he was holding onto my wrist, I was thrashing all over the couch.

After this fun for a bit, he said, “do you believe in hypno now?” I just looked at him and said, “uh, you knew I had gone under before….” And then he said this is the vanilla stuff, now we can go to the kinky stuff. He then put me under and gave me new triggers: “statue” which is basically immobilization, “freeze” which was supposed to put you under and still, though for me, I ended up collapsing when it was called, “cuffs” coupled with touching your hands together made them inseparable like handcuffs. He also gave me “sensitive” and “no sensitive” which made my skin tingle when he touched me, and “horny x” where x was a number between 1 and 10. Oddly, I immediately went for rimming him each time horny 10 was called. I guess that’s what my subconscious really likes when I’m horny. Good to know!

At one point after horny 10 was called, we broke a glass that I was drinking water out of before the session. He put me on statue while he cleaned up. The problem was that my hand was stuck behind my head and cutting off circulation. While I actually was in hypno-bondage, I couldn't rationalize to myself to move. I wasn't able to move and my hand just kept throbbing as he cleaned. I couldn't move my lips to tell him anything. My subconscious was telling my conscious side it was not a good idea, while my conscious pleaded to move so I got circulation. My hand was burning. And then I got released and got to move after he cleaned. While I don't think this was safe, and Neil didn't mean to do this to me, but it really communicated to me how real the hypno-bondage was. I imagine if I were in actual imminent danger with my hand, my subconscious would have broken the trance....

At some point he gave me some trigger to become a puppy, and I really got into it and became a good puppy. It was pretty wild!

It was really impressive what he could do and he put a trigger also that when he allowed me to cum only when he gave me permission and it’d be twice as intense and twice as long as my longest. When I finally got permission, it was the longest orgasm I can remember. In the end, I can tell you that hypno really worked for me, and I can tell you right now it's best to go in with no expectations as it will not be what you expect it to be, but it's really fun. I really had a great time with it, and can't wait to see what will end up happening the next time I do it! :-)

We then went to the Leatherman where I bought a ball parachute, due to my love of ball stretching, and we went to dinner afterwards. We talked about dating the community, took the metro back to the bus and he gave me a kiss and sent me on my way.

Until next time I wish you...

hypno, hunks and hijinks,

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