Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, I had a great spring break, I'm en route to back home, to a meeting at 5pm and then going to go work for 16 days straight until my oral exam, but I have a couple of quick things to say about this weekend. I got some great kink in with connections old and new and I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I think it's gonna give me enough power to really power through the rest of my homestretch before my exam, coming in and feeling anew. Kink can do that when you're really into it. It makes you feel happy, very happy when you have such a nice time with it. Liberated, strong, and euphoric. Having a nice kink night really just makes one feel complete at times, and smiling for the next day.

But I'll leave you with one picture that I illegally took when I was hanging out with my friends when no cameras were involved (I know, I'm a terrible person), but I really thought it'd make a good piece. It sums up a piece of romanticism that I think is often lost in kink. I think it was cute:

The bottles are two individualized JLube bottles of one of my favorite kink couples. It makes me go "awww" as a good kinkster.

Until next time,

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