Sunday, March 27, 2011

Public Hypnosis.

Yesterday, a university in the area had a "Kinky Karnival" event for their students to learn more about kink and bdsm. I was working with Neil, the Erotic Hypnotist, to do some hypno-bondage and such in order for display hypnosis in conjunction with bdsm sex. As the demo-bottom, I was to go under and then let him display some things. Neil gave a great lecture on hypnosis and its applications to kink sex, and then played with two people with a minor party trick with a waking suggestion and it worked really well on one of them. She was pretty amazed.

Then it was time for me to go under in front of everyone. I was really nervous, as I was in front of around 40-50 people, some of which were my vanilla friends, and even one of my former students.

Neil did a rapid induction with me, and I felt my eyes starting to water as I stared at him, wanting to do well with him so that they could see what hypnosis could really do. I put my hand on his and then pressed down as instructed, and then after a while he lets go and I fell into trance. A single (emo) tear started running down my face, which was kind of odd and interesting. He started to get me deeper and deeper, gave me a sleeping trigger and then consequently took me in and out of sleep to get me deeper. He then gave me some of his standard hypnobondage triggers, and he showed them off to everyone, showing that I could be immobilized, have hypnotic handcuffs, and malleable to how someone sees fit.

He put me under again, asking if I would be okay with tranformational stuff, and I nodded. We tried to make me a puppy and my subconscious revolted. When he woke me up, and gave me the trigger, it didn't happen. It was probably about the public display and I didn't feel *that* comfortable, so that made it more complex I feel. I also had worried about the puppy play aspect in public before the event, so that may have been involved too. When it didn't work, Neil was really graceful about it and then put me under and gave me sensory triggers.

This one I didn't think was going to work in public, but as soon as he got me out of trance and pulled the trigger, I was getting a blowjob in my pants. I got a bit embarrassed, put this smug smile on and turned beet red. Everyone in the audience knew what that meant and everyone thought it was an amazing riot. I thought it was hilarious but I was a-ok getting a blowjob at that moment, especially hypnotically.

He then stopped it and put me in an immobilizing trigger and offered people to move me around. My friend got up came up to me and put my hands up and just said "As a devout Georgia Bulldog, I must do this to him" and made me do a Florida Gator chomp. I was hating every moment of this. He knew from that point that I was completely hypnotized, as I would have never let that happen otherwise. Everyone seemed really engaged and it was really fun for everyone to learn more about kink. They then went on to choose between electro and gear bondage demos. It was a really neat event for a university to put on, and I really wish we had this at my undergrad!! These type of events excite me as the world is slowly getting to know kink better. Everyone in the audience really interacted well, and very few of them had kink experience beforehand. It was really neat how all of them were enjoying themselves and really interested. Things like this are what will help us get a better street cred, not just the shocking parts of our culture that we throw down people's throats. Both are important, but this was really something that I think a lot of them will find memorable.

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